This is my character Doctor Life Leblanc, creator and salesman for Curative Confectioneries. I fell into this role after creating the back story for our game, Sweet Escape. While I was working on adding swarm movement to our candies, my team member, Marcus Lembi, had the idea of putting a TV in the level. Practically in unison our team said, "Let's put Shad on the TV!" So I started filming that weekend. Making the character and AI for that game has been one of the most fulfilling projects of my life. I can't wait to bring my skills to the next challenge. 

I have recently worked as an Associate Technical Artist for EA Games in Burnaby. Previous to that I worked as a Writer and Coder at Candlelight games, and as a Technical Teaching Assistant for VFS Game Design and Programming Programs..

My Story

Shad Miller learned to spell playing Quest for Glory. His curiosity for interactive narrative, games and mathematics drove him to calculus and literature. He went on to earn his MFA in Creative from science fiction writer Samuel Delany. As a junior college instructor in math, literature, and creative writing, he dreamed up game ideas, until he discovered VFS, where he honed his narrative skills and dove into coding to build AI for his final game.


In my life, I've had a lot of experiences that led me to reflect on the impact games have had on how I think, how I interact with people, and even the values I hold. I want to make games that leave players feeling the way I felt after playing some of my favourite games, such as Dwarf Fortress, Warcraft 2, Quest for Glory, Space Quest, Homeworld, X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, Braid, Tower Fall, Luigi's Mansion and many others.


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